Hello there, visitor.

I see you've stumbled across my little info page. here you can find various information about me. Be sure to have a look around, this is NOT my first webpage after all. Below, you can find links to my social sites and other information about me as well. Some more important than others.

  • Discord: DaisyEseyad#9823
  • Twitter Steam DeviantArt Youtube CuriousCat

    A collection of various links to things I have contributed to or just seen.

    Khan Academy

    A whole slew of random projects I made using the Khan Acadamy program creator.

    Garrys Mod

    Here are some servers i am affiliated with in some way.

    Random Stuff

    Nothing but memes here.

    Pony Stuff

    Outdated, broken, used-to-be-working website of all MLP episodes.

    A brief overview Daisy Eseyad's likings.

      Hello, I am a wild Daisy Eseyad and this is an info page about me. I enjoy being creative in my own little ways. This mostly involved me either coding an addon for a particular game, or making a small, random website or tool that can do a specific task. I like playing Minecraft and Garrys Mod, In fact, I develop on a few servers, though I've been slow recently due to college and other things I deal with.

      I enjoy watching youtube videos, movies, and series involving science fiction and/or magic. It is very interesting to me as I find scientific elements very interesting, and I tend to have a pretty crazy imagination at times. Sometimes I find myself overthinking alot of different things, which sometimes makes me indecisive, but that's probably normal.

    Listing of basic information about Daisy Eseyad.

    Alias: Daisy Eseyad
    Gender: Cisgender Male
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Red Rose
    Personality Test: INFP-T
    Zodiac: Virgo ♍
    Numerology: L3 E8 P7 H9 B4 =4
    Location: Missouri, USA (Central Time)
    Graduated College for Software Development